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New Client Inquiries

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I strongly encourage potential new clients to initiate contact by using the questionnaire below, rather than by telephone. This will result in a faster response and consultation. I personally handle all stages of new client case screening. Evaluating a case for legal malpractice properly and efficiently is an advanced lawyer skill and does not delegate well. Because I am frequently absorbed in my work for existing clients, I am often unavailable to answer calls from potential new clients except when scheduled in advance, and voicemail retrieval is slower and sometimes delayed. However, I review all of my written messages on a daily basis, so your written communication will be reviewed promptly.

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The information on this site is not legal advice.  Contacting us and engaging in any follow-up communications in connection with our evaluation of your case does not create an attorney-client relationship.  An attorney-client relationship with this firm is only established when there is a written, signed fee agreement.  Communications with this firm prior to that time should not be construed to suggest that we have attempted to determine how much time you might have to initiate a lawsuit, arbitration, or other legal action.  This firm expresses no opinion regarding time remaining, if any, until such time as you have engaged us to represent you with a written fee agreement.