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Legal Malpractice

Lawyer malpractice (also known as legal malpractice) can be financially disastrous for a client. If mistakes fall below the standard of care, the lawyer and his/her firm bears responsibility to compensate the client for losses.

Most lawyers carry professional liability insurance. However, that insurance exists to protect the lawyer. It provides funding not only for payment of a settlement or judgment, but also for the lawyer’s defense. The insurance company seeks to pay the least amount possible over the long run, which means that legitimate claims are often denied in the hope that the claim will be withdrawn, or will eventually settle for too little, or that other future claims will be discouraged.

A client damaged by lawyer mistakes needs experienced and aggressive counsel who will work hard to prepare your case for trial if a fair settlement is not forthcoming.

By the time a client seeks legal malpractice counsel, often he or she is tapped out financially and emotionally, and may present with well-deserved trust issues – and particularly, lawyer trust issues. The Rundle Law Firm is sensitive to these special circumstances, and experienced in helping a client navigate these trying times through the catharsis of action to obtain just compensation.

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Paul Rundle

Paul Rundle

  • Former Deputy District Attorney
  • Over 25 years litigation experience
  • Millions of dollars recovered for clients
  • Over 70 jury and bench trials in state and federal courts
  • Handled and resolved hundreds of civil cases
  • Litigated several state Supreme Court appeals
  • Large firm experience (associate & partner)
  • National top-ten law school
  • Licensed to practice in Oregon and Washington
Recovering compensation for clients damaged by attorney negligence, including:

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