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The Rundle Law Firm

Intake Instructions for Legal Malpractice Cases 

For legal malpractice case inquiries, please try to include the following information:

  1. Identify the lawyer(s) and law firm that you believe committed malpractice.

  2. Describe the underlying case or matter that your lawyer was handling. If it was a claim or lawsuit, explain the gist of the claim, including the basic facts and the kind of legal claim involved.

  3. Identify what you believe to be the most significant mistake(s) for your lawyer. However, for now, please include only lawyer mistakes that credibly and negatively affected the end-result and caused significant damage. At the intake stage, tracing a laundry-list of incidental mistakes or malfeasance to a causation dead-end distracts attention from potentially stronger aspects of your case and slows down the evaluation process.

  4. Indicate the current status of the underlying case or matter in which the legal malpractice was committed.

  5. Explain in what sense you were damaged. In other words, what was result and what was bad about it?

  6. Explain how and why the lawyer's mistake caused the damage. In other words, how would things have likely played out differently but for the mistakes of counsel, and what reasons are there to suggest that the result would have been substantially better without such mistakes? I am looking for linkage between the lawyer mistakes and the damage.

  7. Provide an estimate of the dollar-value of your damages.

For a description of common reasons this firm declines to accept potential new cases, see common reasons for declining to accept a potential new case.

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