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Q: What Does a Legal Malpractice Attorney Do? 

Sometimes there is some confusion about what a "legal malpractice attorney" or "legal malpractice lawyer" does or does not do. "Legal malpractice" is a term of art in the legal industry. It does not mean "legally actionable" malpractice against any kind of professional with duties to clients, customers, patients, etc. It means malpractice committed by attorneys or lawyers. This should not be confused with another kind of malpractice against a different kind of professional, for instance, which I will not recite here in order to avoid contributing to internet search confusion (hint: That kind of malpractice starts with "m" and rhymes with "reticle.")

A legal malpractice attorney handles claims for money damages against another attorney, for mistakes falling below the standard of care. That is what Rundle Law Firm does exclusively. If you need an attorney to sue another attorney in Seattle, Washington or Portland, Oregon, or elsewhere throughout Washington or Oregon, you have come to the right firm. We sue law firms for negligent mistakes causing money damages, and that is all we do.

A legal malpractice attorney does not necessarily handle ethical complaints (also known as bar complaints) against lawyers, as these are disciplinary claims that do not result in awards of money damages. Some legal malpractice attorneys do, some do not. This law firm generally does not handle such matters. An unethical act of counsel is not necessarily considered below the standard of care and therefore malpractice, per se. However, if an attorney's unethical behavior caused the client significant damages, then there is a good chance the act or omission was also below the standard of care and constitutes legal malpractice. If so, then you should considering hiring a legal malpractice attorney.

"Attorney" and "lawyer" are interchangeable terms. A legal malpractice attorney is the same thing as a legal malpractice lawyer. A legal malpractice attorney sues other attorneys or lawyers. A legal malpractice lawyer sues other lawyers or attorneys. The differences are purely semantic. This is not just local usage. A legal malpractice attorney or legal malpractice lawyer means the same thing in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon as it does throughout the rest of the country.